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Kingston Sound boasts one of the largest backline collections in South Africa.
If you are looking for
professional backline for artists we are the right choice.


    Fender Twin 2 X 12” 100 Watt Switchable to 25 Watts

Fender Amp

Roland JC Amp

    Fender Twin Reverb 2 X 12” 85 Watts
    Fender 59 Bassman LTD 4 X 10” 60 Watts
    Fender Hot Rod Deville 4 X 10” 60 Watts
    Fender Deluxe
    Marshall VS100
    Marshall 1962 “Bluesbreaker” Combo
    Marshall JCM 2000 Dual Super Lead Head
    Marshall JCM 900 100 Watt Head
    Marshall JVM 210H 100 Watt Head
    Marshall JVM 4104 100 Watt Head
    Marshall 1960A 4 X 12”
    Marshall 1960B 4 X 12” Classic
    2 X Marshall 1960 DM 4 X 12" Straight Speaker cabs
    VOX AC30 with 2 X 12” Alnico Speakers
    Roland JC120 2 X 12” 60 Watt + 60 Watt
    SWR Strawberry Blonde Acoustic Guitar Amp 1 X 10”
    Mega Boogie Triple Rectifier Guitar Amp with 4 x 12 Cab
    Marshall AS 50R Acoustic Amp 2 X 8” Custom Speakers
    Guitar Stands
    Various Vintage VOX and Fender amps on request only


    VOX AC30 60’s Originals

Fender Amp

    VOX AC30 Head with VOX 4X12” Cab
    Fender Twin Reverb (Black face)
    Fender Twin Reverb (Silver face)


SWRRoland     SWR Black Beauty Bass Amp 350 Watt 1 X 15” & Bullet SWR Golliath III
    SWR SM-900 Stereo Bass Head 400 Watt per Ch.
    SWR Goliath III 4 X 10” & Bullet 700 Watt
    Mark Bass 2 X 10” Bass Cab
    Little Mark Tube 800 Bass Head
    Roland DB700 15” & Bullet 250 Watt
    Roland DB900 4 X 10” & Bullet 350 Watt
    Trace Elliot 4 X 10” & Bullet Combo 300 Watt
    Trace Elliot 15” Bass Extension Cab 250 Watt
    Ampeg Classic 300 Watt Bass Head
    Ampeg SVT 4 Pro Head  
    Ampeg SVT 7 Pro Head
    Ampeg SVT 4x10 Bass Cabs


Pearl     Pearl All Maple Shells, 5-Piece Drum Kit - White Pearl Export Drum Series
    Pearl Session Series 5 Piece Drum Kit – Chrome
    Pearl EX Export Series, 5-Piece Drum Kit - Maroon
    Sonor 2000 5 Piece Drum Kit – Black
    Tama Star Classic Drum Kit – Maple Shells – Sunburst Yellow
    Tama Star Classic Drum Kit – Silver Sparkle
    Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Nouveau Drum Kit
    Yamaha Maple 5-piece Drum Kit - Brown Maple
    DW Collector series 6 piece kit -Champagne Glass finish
    Various Cymbals
    NOTE: We have many TOM sizes per kit, email us for size     information


    Yamaha Motif 8 ES Keyboard Yamaha Motif 8 XS Keyboard
    Roland Phantom G8 Keyboard
    Roland V Synth Keyboard
    Roland RD700 Stage Piano, with Pedal
    Korg Triton TR88 Stage Piano Workstation with Pedal
    Kwiklok Triple Tier Keyboard Stand
    Kwiklok Double Tier Keyboard Stand
    Dixon Single Tier Keyboard Stand
    Roland KC350 120 Watt Keys Amp 4 Channel
    Yamaha Montage 8 Keyboard
    Hammond C3 Organ with Leslie 147 speaker. (With technician)


    Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus Pioneer CDJ 2000 Nexus
    Pioneer CDJ 900 Nexus
    Pioneer DJM 750 Mixer
    Pioneer DJM 900 Mixer
    Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus Mixer 
    Large selection of assorted Mic stands.


Pioneer     Set of 3 LP Galaxy Congos LP Congo
    Pair of LP Galaxy Bongos
    Set of LP Timbalis 14" & 15"


Please Note: Certain backline will only be hired out with an attending technician due to the nature of the event and equipment value.


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